A Bit about me

I got my first break as a secretary at Ogilvy & Mather pasting together Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles story boards.  I got my first promotion by making margaritas at my desk and bribing creatives with booze to give me writing assignments. I cut my teeth at a creative startup during the SF tech bubble. I spent over a decade leading new business at GSD&M. I jumped ship for the sheer adventure of starting a new Texas office from the ground up for Vitro.  I’m large.  I’m loud.  I’m burly.  I’m boisterous.  I’m a perennial optimist.  I’m a pitching and presenting machine.  I’m a nerd for organizational sociology.  I’m a believer that the greatest way I can succeed is by helping those around me succeed.  I’m fanatical about the fundamentals of nurturing young employees. I’m a lover of bbq and a hater of kiwis (sorry kiwis). These days I worry less, smile more, and enjoy this business more than I ever did at 22.  And I find that kind of joy is wonderfully, surprisingly, cosmically, karmically, professionally, managerially, and indubitably infectious.